No one will be left out of your special event. Not with GuestRobot on the scene.

Have someone special in your life who can’t attend your important event? Wouldn’t you love to have that person with you on your special day (wedding, anniversary party, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceaƱera, graduation party, celebration dinner)?

Rent our fully-autonomous, remote-controlled robots with voice and video, and bring your special someone to your special event. Your remarkable guest will be able to move around and even sit at the table (the robot’s height is remotely adjustable for sitting or standing). Your special someone can see and be seen by everybody, and your *no-longer-absent* friend or relative can truly interact with you and your other guests.
Your unique remote guest will be completely autonomous, with full mobility — moving around on his/her own, no babysitter required.
There’s nothing technically complicated to deal with. Your remote guest will simply receive a link. And with that link, your guest will control his/her movement, voice, and camera — from a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Sure, this pic is photoshopped–but with a rolling GuestRobot (or two or three), this dynamic scene is actually possible!

(Each person operating a GuestRobot remotely — from anywhere in the world, using a cell phone or other device — is able to control the robot’s movements and let all the “in-person” guests see his/her smiling face and hear his/her awesome voice. And yes, it works in both directions! That means the faraway guest who remote controls the robot can actually see and interact with all the other guests at the wedding!)

The bridesmaids of this lovely “bride” were able to roll along with her in the parade, but they were actually remote-controlling their robot bodies from another part of the world (or maybe it’s The World Beyond?)!

A waterfall wonderland pre-wedding scene…and her joy is multiplied by the presence of her honored guests!

Bring the WOW to your wedding! Grandparents can be there and even ROLL with you remotely!
Bring the WOW to your wedding! Grandparents can be there and even ROLL with you remotely!